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FlyKly launched its line of electric bikes in Lower Manhattan this past summer and sold out their entire stock in a matter of months. The clever name is fitting as Kly is Greek for constant energy, and Fly not only represents the seamless speed and movement of the bike but also its hip street style.

Armed with the hottest lithium ion battery on the market, the FlyKly bike is the cleanest, quietest, and most efficient electric two-wheeler on the streets. Though the battery provides big power, its design is small and compact, allowing the user to remove it from the bike and plug it into any wall outlet like a cell phone or laptop. Fully charged in only 4 hours, the bike can ride for nearly 40 miles and can be recharged up to 1,000 times. FlyKly also includes functional bicycle pedals that riders can use to help recharge the battery while on the go!

As for security features, the bike boasts built-in front, rear, and seat locking mechanisms that are compatible with most standard bike chains. FlyKly can be linked to a bike rack or post or simply parked on the sidewalk or even indoors by itself.

FlyKly bikes are only $1,990 with an unlimited possibility of customization colors and free shipping throughout the country.

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