Seen On Screen TV(SONT) is crowdfunding on Indiegogo right now for their ScootMatic: a foldable scooter and bicycle combination that’s powered completely by electricity. SONT describes the ScootMatic as the lightest “bike/scooter” in the world. The ScootMatic can travel 28 miles on one charge and recharges in three to five hours.

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SONT’s vision was to design a “unique, innovative, and smooth” vehicle. They came up with the ScootMatic, a hybrid that blends the functionality of a scooter with a look similar to a bicycle. Another goal was to create an environmentally friendly vehicle, so SONT gave the ScootMatic a Samsung lithium battery allowing it to run on electricity. The vehicle also features an LED headlight and LED display.

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The ScootMatic can reach speeds of 16 miles per hour, and SONT says it navigates up hills with ease. They recommend the ScootMatic for those looking for a fun alternative to cars or public transportation in cities and suburbs. The scooter bike combo is light and easy to transport: it weighs about 39 pounds, and when it is folded, it has a length of 48 inches, height of 22 inches, and width of 9.5 inches. SONT says the ScootMatic folds up in just one second.

The scooter bike sports other fun features like a leather seat, remote control starter, and Bluetooth speakers. It’s made of “aviation aluminum” and includes a “car-like alarm system.”

According to SONT, the team has been working on the ScootMatic for more than a year, and as opposed to other tech products that can be found on Indiegogo, “…the SONT INC team has the experience of bringing many projects to life.”

There’s just under one week left to go in the campaign; you can check the ScootMatic out on Indiegogo here. After the campaign, the ScootMatic will cost $1,799; an early bird special offers the scooter bike for just $799.

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