Up until now, high-quality 3D printers have been incredibly expensive, making them an unrealistic option for the average creator. But Formlabs is about to change all that with Form 1 – an affordable 3D printer that fits on a desktop and makes professional quality printed objects. For the first time, printing a high-quality 3D model with the touch of a button is within reach any designer or engineer.

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Formlabs was created in 2011 after spinning off of the MIT Media Lab with the goal of producing a high-quality 3D printer that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Most3D printers on the market today cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase, or they are unable to produce high-quality results. The Form 1 printer can be had for a fraction of the cost while delivering fantastic results.

The Form 1 printer uses stereolithography technology, which is the highest standard in 3D printing, to create a print out of resin. The Form 1 can create prints that are accurate up to .001-inch with features as small as .012-inches. When required, the Form 1 can create a print that has small support structures that can be snapped off to help create the finished product.

Form 1 is currentlyseeking funding on Kickstarter and has surpassed its $100,000 goal by over $800,000.

Via Wired