Recently Mercedes Benz revealed images of its stunning Formula Zero Racer, a futuristic foray into the next generation of racing. Incorporating elements from luge, yacht, and Formula One vehicles, the zero-emissions racer is propelled by a wind-catching sail in addition to electric motors that are powered by renewable resources. The concept is a tribute to a future where cars will win races based not just upon their speed, but on how energy efficient they are.

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The Formula Zero Racer was submitted as part of the Design Los Angeles automobile Design Challenge, an event that is held each year at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This year’s contest asked designers to envision the racing car of 2025, but it wasn’t just about making cool cars – the designers were tasked with developing vehicles that could run entire races without refueling or vehicles that would make collisions all but impossible.

According to the designers, the Formula Zero Racer is an attempt to mix luxury (as one would expect from Mercedes) with the aerodynamics of high speed racing. The zero-emission vehicle employs electric motors, regenerative braking and a sleek profile clad in a highly-efficient skin. The batteries are charged by solar panels located on the body of the car in addition to a wind turbine situated at the vehicle’s nose, and the team designed the vehicle to take advantage of a high-tech rigid sail. Overall, a solid effort from Mercedes Benz.

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