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Located near the center of the Expo, the UAE pavilion will be accessed via a curvaceous, canyon-like entryway with 40 foot tall sand dune-inspired walls. To capture the desert character, the architects used scans of the desert to create walls that displayed the diversity of textures and colors of the sandy UAE landscape. A series of iPads with blue water-like displays will also line the space to mimic irrigation aqueducts that supported life and agriculture in the harsh desert. To encourage greater interaction with the space, each visitor will also be given an iPad that can be used to scan objects throughout the pavilion.

The path from the entrance will gradually ascend upward and lead to a state-of-the art auditorium, rooftop garden, and ground level café. The pavilion’s narrow shaded streets and Emirati landscape help evoke the terrain and culture of the desert city. The sustainably designed pavilion will target LEED Platinum certification and will feature technologies such as stormwater capture and photovoltaic cells. After the Expo ends, the pavilion will be dismantled and rebuilt in the UAE.

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Images via Expo 2015 UAE