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Fragile by Mireia Gordi Vila, Royal College of Art Graduate Show 2014, reusable packaging, recycled packaging, online shopping, fragile packaging, eco-friendly logistics

Mireia Gordi Vila designed her flexible and reusable packaging for the Royal College of Art’s upcoming graduate show. The design was originally conceived for extremely valuable goods, but it could also be applied to everyday deliveries. Vila also designed a second version of the packaging for bottles, which suspends the object inside a flexible outer layer that can easily fit inside a standard poster tube.

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While the idea is aimed mainly at irregular and expensive items, Vila hopes the packaging will one day be adopted by online sellers and shipping companies such as Amazon and UPS. The designer told Dezeen, “more and more goods are shipped individually from warehouses to customers, therefore, their handling and footprint should be re-evaluated.” Not only would the packaging reduce the ecological footprint of these companies, it might also reduce the cost to the customer. “Fragile crates are reusable and can be re-collected like glass bottles used to be. As a customer, you don’t need to own or pay for the shipping materials, as the packing is owned and reused by the warehouse or the shipping company,” explained the designer.

+ Mireia Gordi Vila

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Images by Mireia Gordi Vila