Sometimes, the best ideas are inspired in the most unlikely of ways. That was certainly the case for the new green walls in Mustela’s offices. A water-cooler chat at the French offices of Mustela, a company specializing in products for babies, sparked an idea that fanned into a new and versatile office design that reflects nature in its composition.

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group of people sitting in front of a green wall

At the initial meeting, interior designer Luca Medici; CEO of Benetti Home Stivens Benetti; Rosanna Re of the Sales Division of Benetti Home; and Michela Muntean, business development strategist for Benetti Home, began discussing beauty, which quickly led to the topic of greenery as a symbol for wellness and serenity.

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sofa and blue chairs in front of moss wall
office with central wall covered in moss

The interior design of the Mustela office reflects the company’s long-standing focus on sustainability, so the concept naturally leant itself to vertical green walls, achieved with Benetti MOSS, a stabilized, natural and maintenance-free lichen. With experimentation, the team decided to use the MOSS wall for the kitchenette and break area. Then, MOSS was incorporated in the entrance through a striking surround for the company logo. Medici said, “It’s easy to use and to remove, place and shape for different intended uses.”

pillars covered in moss inside an office
white office with accent walls covered in moss

In addition to aesthetic appeal, which will be a model for other Mustela offices worldwide, the product nurtures other senses besides sight. The feel is described as “pleasant,” and it releases a notable moss scent. “There is even the sound involved. In 2021, in fact, among its latest projects, Benetti Home has launched BenettiSOUND, a vertical garden in 100% natural, stabilized lichen with a high-tech sound system that allows the wall to sound, providing a total multi-sensorial experience,” Benetti Home explained.

tall table with red chairs next to green wall
close-up of lichen-covered pillar inside an office

Muntean said that the employees have found the greenery to be “very inspiring and interesting,” and explained that there are endless applications for the product. “Talking about the concept of experiencing the product, it could be interesting to include more small user-friendly, green design elements or do-it-yourself objects to help people to experience greenery with simplicity and engagement,” Muntean continued. “Especially in your home, which becomes the center of our daily life, greenery can help to create a corner of wellbeing, a place where you can feel good. Even aseptic and sterile environments, such as hospitals and pharmacies, which greenery can make cozy and comfortable for patients and clients.”

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