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The Transformers empire is big in China, so the recycled larger-than-life models are drawing quite a bit of attention there. Yu Zhilin of Zhangmu saw the exploding success of the films as a promising business opportunity for himself and his son. The intrepid builder actually has a background in fine arts, so a project like this was right up his alley. Working in an abandoned factory and some internet-sourced photos, the two set out to build their first model. It was so difficult that it took three years to complete, but the challenge only inspired them to continue.

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The builders’ subsequent models are bigger and more intricate than the first, and as their popularity grows, so does their excitement. They continue to build the giant models, and sell them, so one has to wonder how long they will continue to call themselves farmers. In the meantime, the pair are reportedly eagerly awaiting the release of the next Transformers movie.

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Images via Sina News via Shanghaist