It’s one thing to be a fan of the Transformers movies, but it’s a whole different story to recreate the blockbusters’ mega-machines, which is exactly what a Chinese metalwork factory has done. Wing Wah, a factory run by designers Jiang Chen and Yang Junlin, has become known for its “Legend of Iron” project, a series of large scale metal sculptures. Most recently, the duo recreated the Megatron Tank from Transformers 2. Made mostly of scrap metal, the tank measures 4.5 x 3.2 x 2.5 meters, weighs five tons, and looks exactly like the movie’s machine.

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Junlin is the head designer at Wing Wah, the first metal crafts factory in Huizhou, China. Junlin believes in turning scrap into treasure to reduce waste, promote a low-carbon economy, and create a unique type of industrial art. The Megatron Tank replica is created from mostly raw scrap material that the craftsmen welded together. By using steel to create detailed sculptures, the designers seek to show the material’s plasticity, thus subverting traditional ideas about steel technology. They’ve created several other Transformers, including a series that can be converted into wine racks.

Via DesignBoom