This is Dave, and as you can tell, he is pretty proud of his latest invention. It’s a toilet cart that he made himself out of two recycled toilets, a couple of water coolers, six rolls of toilet paper, one old toilet bowl seat (for the steering wheel) and some scrap metal. This little DIY go-cart has got some nice pickup with 6.5 hp in the engine and to top it all off — as if it couldn’t get any weirder — it actually flushes out the exhaust pipe!

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We’ve got to give it to Dave. This thing looks pretty functional and it apparently tops out at 35 miles per hour — a pretty good clip for a homemade vehicle made from bathroom accessories. Assuming you’ll actually want to flush out the exhaust pipe, Dave has kindly included six toilet paper roll holders on his moving throne. Let’s hope those puppies are recycled too!

Now, before you dismiss Dave as a goon with a go-cart, take a look at his other hobby/profession — he spends his time making hard drives and USB drives out of miniature cars. Looks like this guy really has the duel-purpose and reuse thing down. Can’t wait to see what he recycles next.