While it looks a bit like something that Queen Amidala might wear on her head, this incredible tower is actually a concept for a multi-use skyscraper for the city of Yerevan in Armenia. Designed by Vahan Misakyan, the insect-like building consists of “structural geodesics” that link up via habitable bridges. Another interesting feature is that the tower will be clad in an “intelligent” skin equipped with rain water collection systems, photovoltaic cells, and wind turbines.

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The tower is based on geodesics — soft transitions between the vertical and horizontal planes that peel off from the ground and transform into habitable areas. One of these peels will house a transportation hub and another a park. The towers will have areas for offices, residences, and a hotel, and the bridges between them will be accessible to the public as places to gather and play.

The building will also be equipped with an “intelligent” skin capable of controlling the amount of daylight and ventilation that permeates the structure. The skin will also feature rain water collection systems, photovoltaic cladding and wind turbines.

+ Vahan Misakyan

Via Evolo