Again and again the headlines emphasize the dirty world of fashion. Polluting waterways, consuming materials and creating trendy fast fashion pieces that lead to massive landfill waste are all part of the process. So one company in Los Angeles called GALERIE.LA decided to track down the most sustainable clothing and fashion accessories it could find, bringing them together in one place for in-person or online shopping convenience.

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GALERIE.LA promotes a simple concept — fashion can be sustainable. From lipstick to shoes, the storefront at 767 South Alameda St. #192 in Los Angeles curates ethical options from head to toe. In store and online, each product features extensive traceability, so the consumer can easily make purchases based on what they believe defines a sustainable purchase.

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Dechel Mckillian, a celebrity stylist passionate about sustainable, conscientious fashion, is the founder of GALERIE.LA. After more than 10 years in the fashion industry, Mckillian saw an opportunity to connect people to their clothing, showing how meaningful it can be to shop for items that match one’s values.

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The company answers many questions about fashion. Who made this? Is it supporting my community? Were any animals harmed? What’s the environmental impact? To make the inventory easy to navigate, each item is tagged, either physically or virtually, with a variety of labels aimed at providing answers to these questions.

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Using these labels, shoppers can sort items by whether they meet the vegan criteria or are made using recycled materials. Another label identifies whether the product was sourced and produced within the same region. Other labels show if a product meets ethical manufacturing practices, such as fair wages and safe working conditions for employees, or if an item is made by an artisan and represents culture and tradition.

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Products in the store and online include clothing, accessories, home goods, beauty and self care, each carefully selected with the same goal in mind. “To have a positive environmental and social impact that is not at the expense of style and design is key,” the company said. “Our team is committed to scouting the most intriguing designers who use sustainable production methods to reduce their environmental footprint while taking the ethical business practices necessary to benefit people and communities.”


Images via GALERIE.LA