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Georgetown Station by Jackson McElhaney is one of 5 transit stations outside of Austin, Texas as part of CARTS. This Rural Transit District was formed through an interlocal agreement by nine county governments in the seventy-five hundred square mile region surrounding the Texas capital city. The public transportation system is specifically tailored to the 169 communities and helps bring commuters into Austin and rural residents in and around the communities. Service varies from multiple times per day to once a month, depending on the community and its residents’ needs.

CARTS has a commitment to environmental sustainability, and they demonstrate this through construction projects like Georgetown Station. The center generates much of its own power through a 24.2 kW rooftop mounted photovoltaic system and a 2.4 kW Whisper wind turbine on top of a 60-foot-tall tower. Rainwater is collected and stored in an 11,000 gallon cistern and used for landscape irrigation of native plants. The park and ride station also include 2 electric vehicle recharging stations for use by its passengers.

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