Locally procured materials and energy-efficient building systems make up the Wohnhaus am Eichenberg (Residence on the Eichenberg), a contemporary timber home designed by Austrian architecture firm Berktold Weber Architekten in 2019. Built into the mountainside in the Austrian village of Eichenberg, the home opens up to breathtaking views of Lake Constance. At night, the house’s wraparound full-height glazing glows like a lantern thanks to the atmospheric Nimbus LED luminaires that complement the minimalist natural material palette. 

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a C-shaped structure with a facade of vertical timber slats rests atop a solid lower story with a white facade. bright LED lights illuminate the home. a swing hangs from the second floor overhang.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Wohnhaus am Eichenberg comprises two floors with separate entrances, allowing the home to take on different uses in the future. For example, the lower level can function as a separate apartment or an office. Both levels of the house use locally sourced silver fir cladding, exposed concrete and natural Schwarzachtobler stone. The pared-back material palette gives the home a clean, crisp appearance. This minimalist design ensures that the surrounding mountain landscape remains the main visual focus. 

a two-story home. the lower floor features an opaque white facade on the left side, and glazing on the right side. the upper floor features wraparoun glazing framed by an overhanging timber facade. interior lights make the home glow.

For privacy, the lower level uses an opaque design, and the upper level pushes its wraparound glazing back from the building’s edges. Spaced out vertical strips of timber also form a privacy screen that shields portions of the home. The top-heavy home’s upper level cantilevers out toward scenic views of the nearby Eichenberg village and Lake Constance. An overhang provides coverage to the ground level’s cozy outdoor patio space, which features a swing suspended from the bottom of the upper plinth. 

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a streetview of the home's second story. vertical timber slats make up the facade, through which bright indoor lighting filters through.

Locally sourced timber accents continue inside the home, with warm-hued wood floors, walls and ceilings creating a seamless indoor/outdoor visual experience. Midcentury modern furnishings punctuate the living spaces, alongside Nimbus’s minimalist LED fixtures. These fixtures, praised for their “discreet appearance, good technical qualities, consistent design and versatility,” provide the home with a warm glow. The interior also features geothermal-powered underfloor heating and ventilation with heat recovery. 

+ Berktold Weber Architekten

Images by Adolf Bereut