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Water is a key element and influence in Gerry Barry’s work. Associated with purity and the source of life, Barry often creates pieces in or around water. Carefully selected rounded stones and rocks of varying size are arranged in a radius near shore lines. As the tides roll in and out the installations are variously flooded and revealed, giving the installation a fresh look each day. Other water-themed pieces are created with landscaping and digging. Circular patterns and shallow troughs are dug in ring like pattern, filling with ground water and rain to give away the artist’s chosen pattern.

Because many of his works are meant to be permanent, they are left to the mercy of the elements, decaying, aging, or slightly moving, depending on forces of wind, water and sun. Like the principles of the land art movement, the installations are meant to coexist with the elements of nature, which are themselves an ever-changing work of art. Gerry Berry’s installations harmonize with the nature, rather than disrupt it. Many of his gorgeous pieces can still be found, some of them enduring the forces and nature and civilization since they were installed in the mid 1970s.

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