For those of you closely following emerging trend of green modern gingerbread houses this holiday season, here is another fabulous ginger design– but this time, mod-style. A collaboration between Liz Bruwin, a furniture designer and her brother-in-law, Kevin Marx, an architect, this gingerbread house is meant to fill the void of modern ginger-architecture out there. (Is there a void? Because after covering three other gingermod houses in the past few weeks, we’re not so sure about that.) Nevertheless, this one is sure sweet-looking. Complete with sugar glazed windows, sugar grass and a beautiful gum-stick chimney, this minimalist design is sure give MK a run for her money.

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The house was designed by Kevin, an architect at Callison. Then he and Liz, of Loothouse, set about last weekend to construct the beautiful mod-gingerbread house. Although covered in light fluffy coconut snow, the house’s  flat-roof design would certainly prove to be  an excellent space for a rooftop summer garden. The dark brown ginger walls are broken up by gorgeous windows made of caramelized sugar panes, which we can only imagine would allow ample daylighting inside.

Other details include a pasta-shell sidewalk and green, hardy-winter bushes made of sugar glass growing under the house’s windows. A handsome chimney made of hand-cut gum-stick masonry makes the home appear quite cozy, as if a fire was lit inside.

With such a refined sense of detail, this prefab-like design is sure to entice a few people to think of making it into a real home instead of a fantasy in sugar.

+ Loothouse

+ Callison