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With a green area covering more than 30 hectares, Gleisdreieck Park sits on a site that went unused for a very long time. A favorite spot for runners, skaters, and cyclers, the park will boast even more space for play when its west-side opens in 2013. Re-designed by local studio Atelier-loidl, Gleisdreieck Park’s east-side features a unique sculptural playground that embodies Van der Rohe’s mantra “less is more”.

The dead tree trunks are combined with the ropes and stainless steel fittings, and a low-impact wood chip floor creates a cushion beneath the jungle gym. Thick and strong natural ropes connect the trees, and they playfully take on a spider-web-like design that visitors can climb. The playground’s surrounding area still maintains many of the site’s original trees, including maples, oaks, nettles, birches and black locusts. They also planted an additional 330 trees (poplar, locust, birch) and 620 shrubs (lilacs, wild roses, hawthorn).

Simple and elegant, but far from boring, Gleisdreieck Park’s playground lets children’s imaginations run free.

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Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat