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Designers Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Paolo de Guidi and Nancy/Artyjane (with technical support by Attilio Del Pico) were asked to draw people to an unused bike lane on a bridge in Terni as the city went through an identity change due to the local steel factory shutting down. The result was these amazing mobile units that can also be used as exposition stands or even food carts.

Each unit consists of an old bike with the front portion cut off welded to the metal cage of an IBC container. Then, the plastic parts of the container are affixed to the unit and laced with colorful lights. The cage is the perfect size and shape for a bartender to comfortably fit, and has openings to dispense libations through. Curious about how you can get these upcycled cycles to come to your next shindig? Contact Refunc at [email protected]

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