Just a few months after being hired to control the wild weeds at Prospect Park‘s overgrown Vale of Cashmere, a hungry herd of goats has eaten themselves right out of the job. According to a Prospect Park Alliance spokeswoman, the goats have been temporarily laid off from their ecological restoration mission “due to their voracity.”

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The animals were brought on board in early May to restore the long-forgotten part of the Vale of Cashmere, which was heavily overgrown with various invasive greenery such as English ivy, goutweed and poison ivy. Just a few months later, it looks like the goats’ rapid landscaping skills have exceeded all expectations, earning them a little respite for the time being.

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However, the herd’s much-deserved vacation time will be relatively short-lived. According to Prospect Park Alliance spokeswoman Grace McCreight, the goats will most likely be back in mid-August. “Weed removal using goats is a two step process — first they eat the existing weeds, then eat any regrowth to diminish the plant’s nutrient stores and ensure they don’t grow back in the future.”

“The goats proved to be faster than we anticipated at the first step, so they’re returning to their home farm upstate for a few weeks,” McCreight added. “Once unwanted plants begin growing back in the Vale of Cashmere, the herd will return to finish the work.”

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