General Motors Truck Company (GMC) recently released the specs for its 2022 HUMMER EV Edition 1, the first electric vehicle to include the company’s all-new Ultium 24-module battery system. The all-electric Hummer will also feature on- and off-road capabilities as well as a three-motor Ultium Drive system.

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white electric Hummer in a forest

“As the first of GM’s next-gen EVs, the HUMMER EV will fundamentally alter conventional off-road and truck paradigms,” said Ken Morris, GM vice president of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs, in a press release. “It will also debut new technology, including our all-new Ultium batteries, Ultium Drive units and the industry’s first wireless battery management system.” The unique Ultium batteries are characterized by their large format, pouch-style cells with the capability to stack either vertically or horizontally inside the battery pack. In the case of the HUMMER EV, there are two layers of vertical modules to produce a combined 24-module pack, giving it an estimated range of over 350 miles.

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white electric Hummer in gray landscape

The pack’s low mounting system helps contribute to the vehicle’s low center of gravity, thereby enhancing the control and stability in drive, while offering a short front overhang and short front breakover angle for optimal performance while off-roading. Another first for the GMC lineup is the wireless battery management system, which is used to maintain balance within the Hummer’s battery cell groups. This means that the battery lasts even longer.

white electric Hummer driving on sand dunes

Nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum make up the composition of the batteries, with some of the highest nickel and lowest cobalt contents of any large format pouch-style cells. According to the company, the new batteries use 70% less cobalt than the previous generation of GMC electric vehicles. Cobalt is a rare and expensive material linked to unethical mining practices.

white electric Hummer parked by the beach

Along with features like the EV propulsion system, 350-kilowatt DC fast chargers, one-pedal driving and Super Cruise with automatic lane changing, the Hummer EV also monitors the vehicle’s energy use through the in-car display and a mobile app. This Energy Assist feature can also set up charging schedules, preheating the battery en route to the charging station for optimal charging.


Images via GMC