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The Tianjin Exhibition Center will be China’s third international exhibition center (after the ones in Shanghai and Guangzhou), and it’s expected to be completed in the next few years. Located on Tianjin Avenue, the site is bordered on two sides by a main traffic artery that links Tianjin’s historic center with the so-called Binhai Development Area. It also sits adjacent to the Haihe River and connects to a large green belt around the development. A central avenue runs from the traffic artery straight to the river to create a new connection.

The main entrance hall is a light-filled space topped with a filigree roof canopy. A main central thoroughfare leads to 8 separate exhibition halls. Each exhibition hall offers 12,500 square meters of space, and they can be used separately or combined with an adjoining hall to create 25,000 square meters of space. The project also features an open-air exhibition space, a congress centre, hotels, offices and administration facilities. gmp’s design is a grand statement that creates the impression that much of the space is outdoors, although is actually contained and protected from the elements while enjoying ample daylighting. Gardens and outdoor spaces further the center’s connection to the outdoors.

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