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The Polo per l’Innovazione Strategica, or POLINS for short, is a CasaClima Class A+ certified building. Under this classification the has been certified as a “climate house” for boasting high energy savings and a healthy way of living. The partially submerged building is composed of five fir laminated arches that stretch the entire curve of the building, anchored into the ground on both sides. Inside there are a number of offices and a spacious daylit auditorium/conference hall with the capacity for 150 people. The conference hall was designed for enhanced acoustics and uses aluminum panels to absorb sound while skylights pour light into the space.

Oriented to the south to take advantage of the sun, the arches support a series of solar panel louvers that serve both as shade and energy generators. The louvers create a covered patio, which is completely shaded in the summer when the sun is high, and conversely in the winter, the sun permeates through under the louvers to warm up the front of the building. The sides of the building which are not covered by the Earth are clad in black Gres tiles that provide the building with protection from the elements and aid in naturally cooling the inner core of the walls.

+ Marco Acerbis Studio

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