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From the street, Spiegel Haus appears like two volumes, connected by an entryway with a large overhanging eave. To the left, a traditional-looking ranch style volume meets a modern two story brick volume on the right, which is extended with an angular accordion-like form lined with windows. This mish-mash is unified and streamlined into a more geometric theme in the back of the home.

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Facing the back yard, the home has a series of overhanging volumes and glass curtains that create a dialogue that highlights the movement between the interior and the outer garden and yard. On the ground floor, the kitchen and living areas are joined with sliding glass doors, which open onto an outdoor eating area, protected from rain by a thick overhanging roof above the second level. Bedrooms on the second level, reached by a warm timber staircase, feature sliding louvered shutters over the windows that can be opened for direct light, or slid closed for privacy.

The extensive glass curtains are integral to the mirrors’ function in the home, which create different light patterns through out the day. The highly polished concrete floors naturally insulate, and also act as a reflector of this plentiful light. The combination of mirror, glass and timber creates a dialogue between the garden and the heart of the home, making a cohesive and comfortable environment.

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