Judith Benzer Architektur, summer house, southern Burgenland, Austria, shutters, natural materials, wine cellar, minimalist, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, daylighting

The cubed construction features copper corner plates that create stark edges against the verdant Austrian landscape, and Judith Benzer deliberately left the wood, steel and concrete materials unfinished and untreated so that it maintains a very natural appearance.

During the winter, when the home is not inhabited, larch shutters fold flat so that they are flush with the home’s facade, not only protecting the home but also ensuring that it remains as unobtrusive as possible. These same shutters mitigate solar-gain during summers as they fold out as awnings on the side of the home. The minimalist interior is so clean and so full of light, and thoughtfully-placed windows provide excellent views of the bucolic outdoors.

+ Judith Benzer Architektur

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