Governors Island, that 172 acre isle of green which used to be a military base, will open early this Spring for the first time ever. This extends the season for the Island, which traditionally has opened its doors to public access only the summer months. The Trust for Governors Island said that the longer season gives New Yorkers even more time to experience the outdoor space, enjoy the arts and educational activities, and experience the park’s new sustainably-sourced seafood.

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Governor’s Island is a multi-use public space, offering an original view of sea and sky, shrubbery, public art, and interactive play areas. Extending that communal feel, this year there will be an “oyster garden” called Island Oyster, that will feature sustainably-sourced seafood among other summery fare. The mix of natural wildlife, bicycle and walking trails, and range of cultural programs makes Governors Island a refreshing destination that is also in keeping with the Mayor’s larger vision for an equitable city, where everyone has access to healthy practices and learning opportunities.

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The island only became a public space in 2002, but already has become a top destination in Summer.  This year, with its symbolic opening on May Day, the Island seeks to further its mission as a unique outdoor space that is also historically significant.

Governors Island