Careful trompe l’oeil is hardly an artist’s technique you expect a tagger to employ in his graffiti work. But these often miscalculated and misunderstood artists have a lot to teach the world about style and artful urban transformation with a message. D.O.C.S (Doing Only Crooked Shit) is the graffiti-writing duo of Ausias Pérez and Felipe Perdomo, who recently created a piece called “Here Lies Street-Art” located on the banks of the River Ebro in Zaragoza, Spain. A surprisingly lush piece applied with a 2D medium, these artists are sowing the seeds for the revival of street art in Spain.

Ausias Pérez and Felipe Perdomo, street art, green art, eco art, grafitti, tagging

Their piece’s leafy appearance, set upon a contrasting backdrop of stone, was inspired by the natural foliage of graveyards. Likewise, the message is delivered in the form of an epitaph, ultimately suggesting that street art is deceased. In observing this piece the viewer is forced to consider the decline of street art, and D.O.C.S symbolically uses nature  to advocate the rebirth or ‘fertilization’ of street art.

The members of D.O.C.S. are multi-nationals living and working in Valencia, Spain and Leeds, UK, multi-tasking as visual artists, graphic designers, illustrators and as self-proclaimed hustlers.

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