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Located in a forest glade a few hours from Stockholm, the resort is perfect for anyone who wants an authentic rustic cabin experience. Each wooden hut features a green roof draped with grass, ferns and even wild strawberries and raspberries! While each cabin is equipped with a stove, there are no showers en suite so be ready to rough it. Luckily, there is a sauna located nearby for guests who simply must bathe.

Aside from the lack of plumbing (there are outhouses scattered around the encampment, in case you were wondering about that), Kolarbyn boasts major energysavings due to the fact that it has no electricity. All of the cabins are heated the old fashioned way, and in the winter, wood chopping is part of the guests’ itinerary. And for those who really want to take a walk on the wild side, Kolarbyn offers some incredible activities like a beaver safari, moose hike and an award winning wolf walking tour.

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