Recently the Local Motors competition unveiled a fresh crop of incredible concept cars, and we were particularly impressed with the sleek NYC-centric Green Apple vehicle. A green machine that wouldn’t look too out of place in today’s world, the innovative three-seater features air intakes that spin integrated turbines to generate energy while purifying polluted inner-city air.

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There were a few things that we liked as soon as we saw the Green Apple concept vehicle by Julien Sarremejean. The first was that this was a rather beautiful shape for a vehicle – one which wouldn’t look out of place for a car of the future. The second was that having an accessible battery pack seems like a no brainer to us, and we wondered why we hadn’t seen such an idea before. It was the third though, that we really loved. Julien’s concept of using air intakes to push wind through the vehicle and clean the air of New York City as it drives around struck us as a novel idea. To think that a car, which is such a source of pollution in this century, could be used to clean the air was something simply wonderful – If only it were to come true.