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The house is organized around the lovely courtyard which is on the same level as the first floor spaces. The master bedroom is a rectangular volume perched over the swimming pool and is veiled by a gorgeous facade of stainless steel panels. The steel has been perforated by laser resulting in an abstracted foliage design. Another first floor block sits right over the main entrance to the house and looks directly into the park.

The courtyard itself is built from a solid timber system and clad in hand thrown bricks. And the plant-filled enclosure isn’t the only part of the home that comes alive with greenery. The stainless steel facade is dotted with vertical garden tiles that add splashes of color to contrast with the metallic grey. All the heating energy for heating and for the swimming pool is provided by geothermal boreholes. And as if all of this were not enough to sell someone on the Ladderstile, the house also has its own wine cellars and stables.

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