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Hagy Belzber, LA Holocaust Museum, green roof, natural light, energy efficiency, naural irrigation, eco design, sustainable design, green design, native flora, energy efficiency

The green roof is planted with local flora and is naturally irrigated. It also extends to the adjacent Pan Pacific Park, integrating itself into the city’s green spaces. The peaceful exterior belies the interior discomfort achieved by an interactive display of the holocaus, which is further stimulated by muted natural lighting that also helps to save the building’s energy footprint.

Although we aren’t neccessarily in love with the choice of using concrete as the major building material, Belzberg was quite successful at managing a tight budget in a hard economy and the building is slated for LEED Gold Certification sometime in the fall of this year. The beautiful structure will hopefully educate scores of children on an a period in humanity’s regression, that none would like to see repeated; while at the same time showcasing what can be achieved, environmentally and socially, when we decide to work for the good.

+ Hagy Belzberg