The INCS Zero production facility in Japan features a 180 meter cobblestone path that angles along an immense lawn that turns into a verdant green roof. Under an abstracted torii gate lies the entrance to this very unique factory in Japan, which is an ode to traditional Japanese craft. Located in a pristine forested site overlooking the snow-capped mountains in Nagano, the facility strikes a unique combination of form and function that lends itself to a heightened sense of awareness that surely influences INCS’s quality product development.

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We were attracted to FPF Architects’ design by its substantial green roof, which not only softens the approach to the building but also helps reduce the facility’s cooling costs directly and indirectly by reducing the heat island effect, controlling storm water and adding habitat.

The design is also a meticulous expression of precision and materials which bows to the Zen Buddhist tradition of the island nation. Water, stone, glass and greenery neatly wrap the exterior. The interior is just as austere, as exemplified by the meeting room dominated by the huge single-slab wood table complete with butterfly key.

green design, green production facility, Japan green roof, torri gate, Zen modern design

Take the stairs down to a common area overlooking the water feature and mountains beyond, and the scale of the natural and man-made elements comes into focus. Behind the public spaces lies the production facility — a white, austere interior dedicated to creating working prototypes of products that the company helps model.

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