Located in Mexico City, Restaurant Japonez offers hungry souls searching for Asian-inspired dishes a serene landscape seated between a stunning living wall, wood, and an incredible glass enclosure. Designed by Serrano Cherrem Architects, the double-height space allows for tons of natural lighting during the day and lets in the city at night, creating a juxtaposition that brings the city indoors into the organic nature of the restaurant’s interior.

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Immersed in nearly 360 degrees of nature, Serrano Cherrem Architects’ project paints a natural canvas on the interior of a glass box sited in the middle of an urban landscape. While the interior of the space is no doubt breathtakingly organic in its non-uniform nature, there’s absolutely no missing the living wall which runs the entire length of the restaurant behind the open bar.

More than decorative in nature, the wall helps keep the thermostat steady throughout the year while infusing the interior spaces with fresh air. The transparent enclosure of the restaurant provides plenty of daylight for the green interior, making this space as beautiful during the day as it is in the evening.

+ Serrano Cherrem Architects

Via Platforma Architectura