Botanical artist Makoto Azuma recently teamed up with Naruse-Inokuma Architects to design a beautiful bathroom that is overflowing with leafy green foliage! The temporary space was installed at Tokyo’s House Vision Expo, and it consists of clear glass floors, green walls covered in leaves, and contrasting clean white fixtures. Literally translated, its name gokujo no heya means “room of exquisiteness.”

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Makoto Azuma and Naruse-Inokuma Architects worked with window manufacturer YPP AP and toilet maker TOTO to create the conceptual bathroom. They sought to envision what a bathroom might look like if they devoted all their resources to that one single space, seeing as it is so often a neglected space. Their final work certainly pays off, as its one of the most incredible interior spaces we’ve ever seen.

+ Makoto Azuma

+ Naruse-Inokuma Architects

+ Tokyo’s House Vision Expo

Images courtesy of Makoto Azuma

Via Gizmodo