Move over Michelle Kaufman, these new prefabs will leave you and your pet drooling. LA-based Sustainable Pet Design combines green design, healthy living, non-toxic paints and your pet to create this sustainable Greenrrroof Animal House. Now man’s best friend will feel confident that his home has a low environmental impact and that he or she isn’t inhaling toxic fumes all night long.

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Stephanie Rubin, a landscape designer, created the first sustainable pet home after her sweet dog, Gust, was lost to cancer. Just as we have a right to a healthy living environment, so do our pets. So she teamed with painter/sculptor Chris Isner to build sustainable pet homes, made from sustainably harvested, untreated red cedar planks, low or no VOC paints, and green roofs.

Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry, your pet will not be left out in the cold. Sustainable pet homes are also available for birds and cats. And I’m sure a customized home for your monkey or ferret could be designed. The homes aren’t cheap, but when you compare the cost to a vet bill for a sick animal, maybe the cost won’t seem as bad.

Pet homes come in various shapes and all sizes. Each is custom built for your pet and location. Native vegetation is planted on the roof in accordance with your climate and natural rainfall. No need to water or maintain these plants very much. Each Greenrrroof is a vertical extension of the roof structure and consists of vegetation, growing medium, a filter membrane, drainage later and waterproofing to keep Fido or Fifi dry.

I know my puppy would love curling up inside one of these Greenrrroof homes, but I’m pretty sure he would like eating the roof most of all.

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