These fantastic furnishings are constructed from roller blinds that have beensalvagedfrom the streets of Buenos Aires. The Argentine duo behind Gruba, architects Maria Constanza Nuñez and Gabriel Pires Mateus, created the S.O.S de Barrio Line as a response to the vast amount of blinds they found were being discarded across the capital city. As a way of recycling what other urban residents throw away, the studio has created this unique series of sustainable furniture that focuses on re-use and transformation.

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All of Gruba’s beautiful chairs and tables carry their own history. The team wanted to reflect the constant transformation that Buenos Aires undergoes when houses are demolished and rebuilt, so they created a reminder of a home by using fragments of its remains. Other work by Gruba is equally green – like their La Cartonera line which reuses corrugated cardboard sheets to construct beautiful tables.

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Images courtesy of Gruba