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Implanted Nature, Luzinterruptus, guerrilla gardening, ecosystems, madrid, urban green spaces

In a symbolic way, Luzinterruptus wanted to protect and preserve the small timid plants that live in the cracks around the city. Their outrage at the lack of usable green space in the city center was their impetus. To protect them, the group covered the plants with small umbrella-like greenhouses to shelter them from pollution. Small animals accompany the plants and live with them under their refuge, which is brightly lit with lights.

The group was also aware that they would find few instances of plants growing in the cracks, so they also added their own plantings. Taking hardy cuttings and quality soil, they filled cracks and holes in hopes that the plants would take root. These plants were also given animal friends for company and greenhouses for protection. The guerilla gardening intervention took place on May 5th at midnight from Malasaña to Lavapiés, leaving behind a total of 50 small ecosystems.

Luzinterruptus’ goal was to draw attention to the lack of green space, to pay homage to the insignificant weeds that beautifully grow in unexpected places as well as to add even more green life to the city streets. Hopefully the new plants took root and someone has noticed. In total the project took 5 hours, caused no damage and was noticed throughout the next morning.

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Images ©Gustava Sanabria