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Guests begin their Amazonian adventure with a 45-minute boat ride from Puerto Maldonado to the lodge, getting a first taste of the verdant environs they’ll experience during their stay. The eco-lodge‘s 30 guest rooms are divided into five wings, which are connected by raised wooden boardwalks that suspend visitors above the forest floor. Each room, made from local wood, palm fronds and clay, features large windows that look out on the wild surroundings.

The rustic lodge uses kerosene lamps and candles for light at night, creating a truly magical experience and a retreat from the modern world. Guests sleep under a canopy of mosquito nets, falling asleep to the sounds of the rainforest.

During the day, guests can take river tours on the Tambopata River, hike through the forest, or take in view from the lodge’s Canopy Tower, which provides a bird’s-eye view of local wildlife. Meals are provided by a local sustainable vegetable farm, Peruvian delights, and filtered water. Guests of the Posada Amazonas are in for an unforgettable and breathtaking experience, combined with tours by Rainforest Expeditions, for a dream vacation.

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