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Guy Laramee, Guan Yin, book carvings, mountains, topographic, recycled books, art, Recycled Materials

Guy has been creating theseremarkable carved books for several years, and  the Guan Yin series is dedicated to the forces that enable people to deal with traumatic situations, grief, and pain. Laramee reflected on such emotions when his mother passed away, and when he saw images of the devastation wreaked by the Japanese tsunami. Those traumatic situations inspired the artist to create art that is both melancholic and strong, and helps its viewers to focus on the beauty that exists in the world.

His gorgeous snowy and grass-topped mountains carved from dusty old tomes and encyclopedias encourage viewers to move beyond hurt; to heal, and revel in beauty and joy when possible. In his artist’s statement, he says: “Our love for mountains will heal us”. We might not all be able to take to the mountains to heal our souls, but perhaps these stunning pieces can be the next best thing.

+ Guy Laramee

Via This is Colossal