H-Haus is taking a new look at prefabrication with their “Assembled Concept” – a process which utilizes pre-manufactured pieces that are designed to be assembled on site, reducing construction cost, waste and time. All eight H-Haus models are both stylish and environmentally friendly, combining features such as solar heating, super-insulated walls, wastewater recycling and rain collection with the chic amenities of a boutique hotel (hence the H-Haus moniker).

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Additional uses of energy efficiency technology include heating and cooling systems such as bio-mass boilers, condensing boilers, and geo-thermal heat pumps. In areas where permitted, H-Haus will incorporate aerobically treated waste water systems to recycle gray and black water into storage for irrigation. Continually pursuing the latest technologies, H-Haus is currently investigating the economical use of photovoltaic panels.

Prefab assembled buildings are comparable to completely pre-engineered homes, reducing construction time and cost, while tapping into the local community for labor. The Assembled Concept avoids possible centralization caused by PreFab homes by engaging the local community’s economy while avoiding shipping costs due to a large network of suppliers. H-Haus takes care in designing for the building modules already in place, which in turn reduces construction time and waste created from excess materials.

H-Haus strives for stylish contemporary looking homes while placing equal emphasis on the environment, designing responsible structures that respond efficiently to the four different climatic zones in the US as well as the various micro-climates. Taking climatic information into consideration during the planning stage of the home helps determine which systems would be most beneficial in reducing energy consumption and life cycle costs. Basic approaches in planning include building orientation on the site, solar chimneys, cross ventilation through floor vents and operable skylights.

Additional consideration was taken into the building envelope itself. All H-Haus models have very low energy demand for heating, putting gained solar energy to use in the most efficient way possible. The heat demand in all models is less than half of the maximum heat demand for a standard house in Germay, approximately 238,840 Btuh (70kWh/m2). The smaller the heat demand, the easier it is for to provide for a significant portion of the necessary energy needed without the significant costs of a solar heating system.

Ranging from 600 to 2,100 sf with larger models in the works, H-Haus is setting a new standard in home building with innovation through technology and design.

The first H-Haus, Cube #5, will be debuting at the Cleveland Home and Flower Show, February 4, 2006 through February 12, 2006. A two story home, Cube #5 will feature all the energy saving amenities including the capture of natural ventilation cycles and a solar chimney, as well as a cooks kitchen featuring Bausil cabinets, a “spa” bath with bidet, toilet, walk-in shower, SOK tub with infinity edge, linen storage and double lavatories, 2 roomy suites, glass bridge and stair, custom lighting package by Delta, European gas fireplaces and many other features.

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