Recycled shipping containers are becoming more and more popular as a viable sustainable building material, and this year’s West Coast Green show house highlights this growing trend. The showroom highlight of this year’s event is Lawrence Group’s SG Blocks Container House, fashion out of five shipping containers and a plethora of other eco-friendly building materials. As a prefab, the home is affordable, cute, and easy to assemble — demonstrated by the fact that the model at West Coast Green was erected in less than 5 hours.

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Where the house is not constructed of used shipping containers, it uses FSC-certified wood. To keep the home energy efficient, solar panels to produce energy and high-performance and Integrity glazing windows for effective insulation. The exhibit at West Coast Green also integrates rainwater recycling and landscaping that minimizes water use and maximizes passive solar design. And even with all the design innovation it employs, the home in still very affordable: running about $150 per square foot for the 1,700 square feet showroom model.

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