We’ve seen some pretty rad DIY gingerbread houses this holiday season — from brownstones to geodesic domes to alpine cabins — but if you’re a Harry Potter fan, we’ve just found the edible house for you. DIYer Mezcraft just posted photos of her gingerbread rendition of the Weasley’s teetering abode from the Harry Potter series, complete with monogrammed sweaters hanging on the line. We have to say, her sugary architectural skills are quite impressive and we think Ron and company would be proud of Mezcraft’s artful rendition of The Burrow.

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In case you aren’t in the Potter crowd, Arthur and Molly Weasley are Harry’s best friend Ron’s parents. The Weasleys have a hoarde of kids and decided to build additions on their home in an unusual fashion. Instead of growing outwards, the house literally grew up with the addition of each kid — Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill — and Mezcraft has managed to capture that magical growth in a delightful fashion with all the necessary details perfectly intact. This is no four sided cabin – the Weasley’s home is a DIY structure itself that, in the Potter series, is said to be held up with magic.

Mezcraft couldn’t rely on wizardry to keep her structure upright so instead she employed the use of sturdy cinnamon sticks as beams to keep the gingerbread pieces in place. Gingerbread houses, when done right, can be a lesson in the basics of architecture and this Weasley family home is no exception. Mezcraft carefully constructed a foam model of the home before getting to work making her gingerbread pieces — she mixed, rolled and baked four double batches of dough for the home. Though Mezcraft doesn’t reveal the secrets of her perfectly Potter structure we’ve got some other great DIY gingerbread houses with full instructions for you to create this holiday season.

+ Mezcraft on Crafster