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Haus Fontanella is a beacon within the beautiful woods surrounding the mountainscape and village of Fontanella. The home is built on a concrete base, with one side partially submerged into the hillside to naturally insulate the interior. The home is heated with a geothermic well as well as a wood burning stove to keep energy costs low. Pine was used to build the home’s frame, while the exterior was given the natural treatment with rustic spruce panels, evoking the historic style of the region.

Inside, floor-to-ceiling wood panels reinforce the rustic aesthetic. The home’s three stories provide different vantage points of the snowy mountaintops outside. Square windows of varying sizes capture different vistas in surprising ways, and wooden furnishings tie the interior and exterior together. Three cozy bedrooms accommodate the family, and the home also features a study, a sauna and a sheltered terrace.

The beautiful home offers respite in the wintry region while paying tribute to the traditional building vernacular of the local Walser people .

+ Bernardo Bader

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