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Haustrift is a series of rowhouses centered around a large, shared green space and located near the Danube river. Superblock’s design of the housing project focusses on quality materials, thoughtful layouts, and a strong connection with the outdoors through windows and green spaces. Each home features the same three-story design with an open floor plan living, kitchen and dining on the ground floor, two bedrooms and a bath on the first floor and a master suite on the top floor with access to decks on top. The houses are orientated to take in morning sunlight from the northeast and afternoon sunlight to the southwest. There are no windows on either side, which provides privacy in every home.

The homes were constructed with finished and semi-finished components, which can be easily dismantled at any time and are fully recyclable. Wood along with other low-emission construction products was used exclusively throughout the project. Rainwater is harvested for irrigation of native and low water landscaping. The homes are all very energy efficient, and heating is supplied via a central heating network in conjunction with an integrated solar thermal plant. The project’s simple and modern design is attractive, but also easily modified to each resident’s taste and even better, very affordable. Each 95-square-meter (1,022-square-foot) house with private garden is rented for only 599 euros per month.

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