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Located on a slope at the edge of a forest on the outskirts of Heilbronn, this three-story house is perfectly positioned to take in its surroundings. The ground floor, which is buried into the hillside, contains a one-car garage, a guest room, a bathroom and a fitness room. A staircase leads up to an open floor plan kitchen and dining and living areas with two bedrooms and an office at the end. The top floor contains the master suite and access to a large deck.

The Heilbronn House’s south-facing side is wrapped with floor-to-ceiling glass that allows sunlight to warm the interior in the winter. Deep roof overhangs provide shade during the summer. KM Architektur chose simple and natural materials like concrete, glass, larch wood cladding and copper. A solar hot water system on the roof provides domestic hot water, and a geothermal system provides energy-efficient heating and cooling. A central fireplace in the living areas provides additional heating when necessary.

Images ©Hagen Stier