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The Cuningham Group and REThink Development partnered on this project to create ultra green office space in Culver City. They bought a warehouse that was once part of the MGM studio back lot and worked in 2010 to convert it into LEED Gold office space. The Cuningham Group’s office takes up about 20 percent of the overall project and the rest of The Plant is available for sale or for lease. The office is one-third of a mile away from the light rail system and downtown Culver City and right next to bike trails.

Inside the 8,500-square-foot office, the design and decor reinforce the firms’s commitment to sustainability, collaboration, and creativity. The firm is targeting LEED Gold interiors and includes floor to ceiling glass walls and four skylights that fill the space with natural daylight. Trickle vents allow fresh air to enter the office on one side and out through exhausts on the other side. Shipping containers are stacked and act as individual offices. An indoor garden in the center has both native and adaptive plants that filter the air and add a touch of green. Employees care and water this garden as well as the outdoor vegetable garden. The office also includes a kitchen and a gallery space where employees can share their work and creative ideas.

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