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Most of the wood Kocsis uses to create her pieces is salvaged or given to her by others. Any wood that is dry and in good shape is utilized. She admits that she uses new materials for her bases since the integrity of the works hinge on having proper bases.

Though inspired by actual architecture seen by Kocsis, who is based in Ontario, during trips to New York City, her artworks are not mere replicas of street scenes or buildings. By distorting proportions and skewing perspectives, she is able to achieve a sense of movement and dynamism that lends itself particularly well to a subject like the Big Apple. The 3-D quality of the pieces also allows viewers to experience multiple works of art in one by simply moving around it and changing their own vantage point.

“The experience of viewing my work brought people back to a particular time and place,” writes Kocsis on her website. “Even if they were not familiar with the exact building it reversed them to similar buildings they would pass by everyday, on their way to perform the ordinary and simple routine of life. The buildings or architectural elements I choose to depict are not always grand buildings, however they are the buildings where the products of our culture have been produced, where the everyday occurrence of taking a dream and creating a product to exist in our reality occurs.”

If you are in New York, a selection of Kocsis’ works can be seen at the Architectural Digest Design Show at Booth M192 from March 22-March 24.

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