The devastating 7.8 earthquake in Nepal last Saturday left thousands dead and tens of thousands of others homeless in the wake of this tragic natural disaster. The survivors are struggling to find shelter and after sundown the reality of their dire situation sets in with no electricity to no access to light for safety, cooking, reading, etc. But a new solar-powered, portable light source could make all the difference for Nepalese survivors. The SolarPuff is a little lantern that is making a huge impact, and now you can help make it even bigger. The lantern’s solar charging capabilities allow refugees to charge their lights at no cost during the day, providing a much-needed light source for cooking, washing and way-finding at night.

Right now, SolarPuff is offering Kickstarter rewards that will benefit the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. For $50, you can purchase a SolarPuff for yourself and one for Nepal Disaster Relief, or for $125 you can get three and give two. For the truly generous, they are even offering the option to send an entire box of SolarPuff’s to Nepal to help those who need it most right now. Check out their Kickstarter page to help make a difference.

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Help Nepal earthquake survivors, support renewable energy and get a little treat for yourself in return by Kickstarting this awesome lamp!

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