Called “365,” Hero Design Lab’s newest line of functional and attractive outdoor sustainability solutions wowed attendees at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this year with its eye-catching looks. 365 consists of an outdoor drying rack and rain collection system, dubbed DR-1 and RC-1 respectively, which perfectly illustrate Hero’s talent for morphing items that are typically quite boring into outdoor decor with flair. After all, if we are going to integrate these water and energy saving products into our homes, why shouldn’t they also be fun to look at?

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Functioning like a standard drying rack, DR-1 has parts that fold down into tables and bars that rotate outward. The entire unit folds up flat and doubles as an attractive outdoor screen when not in use. The RC-1 is the perfect example of an accessible and sustainable gardening tool. A simple aluminum frame with cut-outs covers a collapsible water bladder that catches rain water from the sky or a drain pipe. The top is fitted with a screen to filter out any debris. The spigot in front empties out into a watering can, bucket or directly fitted with a hose so that the collected water can be used for gardening.

Constructed out of lightweight aluminum, both the DR-1 and the RC-1 are resistant to rusting and bring a playful and unique look to these staple household items. Both pieces are available in almost any color and ship directly from their factory based in Canada.

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