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Construction began on Naturbad Riehen in 2013 with the full support of Riehen’s residents, who desperately wanted a new swimming pool and elected to go au natural by ditching the chemicals. Herzog & de Meuron originally came up with a design for a swimming pool in 1979, but the idea was shelved for over three decades before the town revisited the idea. This time around, all-natural filtration techniques were available and they became the centerpiece of the design, which provides clean water for 2,000 bathers each day.

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Naturbad Riehen features a lap pool, a diving area, a recreational swimming area, a kids’ pool, a grassy area perfect for lounging and picnics as well as support facilities, changing rooms and bathrooms. To clean the water, first a strainer filters out grease, particles and hair. Then water is sent to the regeneration area, where plants like water lilies and irises work with aquatic sediment to filter and absorb bacteria and other compounds. Finally the clean water is pumped back into the bathing area. The season is midway through and will end in September, so if you live nearby go get your swim on!

Images ©Herzog & de Meuron and Helen Schneider