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The project is composed of multiple buildings of varying heights, surrounding a central courtyard. Each apartment is roughly 18 sq meters each with a view into the courtyard to induce a calming effect. The heights of the buildings on the street match the surrounding buildings, fitting within the urban context, while the buildings on the interior are lower in height and match the back neighbors. The street facing facade is covered in black slate brick, while the interior is covered in larch planking with folding louvered shutters in front of the windows and balconies.

A central courtyard and bike parking area provides additional space to all of the residents and encourages community and gathering. The courtyard also acts as a green lung for the development and pulls in additional daylighting to each apartment. Materials were chosen for their durability as well as their aesthetics. Each room comes equipped with a bathroom, a small kitchen, sleeping area and desk.

The project attained higher energy performance largely due to the treatment of the envelope, use of solar power for heating and natural ventilation. Not only was reduced energy use a goal, but was a key point in creating a comfort interior environment for the student residents. The concrete structure is insulated with 12 cm of mineral wool, the brick or wood cladding and double glazed windows, allowing the building to retain heat inside during the winter and reject heat during the summer.

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Images ©Julien Lanoo/LAN Architecture